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Bret Hart

Bret Hart Titantron 1997

Bret Hart return in January 4, 2010.

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NASA UFO Footage from Above Earth

NASA UFO Footage from AboveEarth This footage is very rare and was hard to find, its from the live STS-48 Nasa feed in 1991.

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Mike Shinoda (http://www.mikeshinoda.com/blog/Charity__Environment__Awareness/mfr_habitat_for_humanity_green_home)

"Want to help fund / build a green home in LA, for a deserving family in need? Here's the info."

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The year of the UFO: 2009 breaks records for the unexplained

They're in the sky, they're unexplained and there are more of them than ever. New figures reveal a huge spike in UFO sightings this year..

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Jaime Maussan Amazing UFO Footage 2009

Mexico's Jaime Maussan shows and narrates never-before-seen UFO footage from Mexico and all over the world. The entire dvd can be purchased at http://www.ufocongressstore.com Sales from the dvds help us advertise future events.

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Real Simulator Daisy

Real Simulator Daisy Beyondpowerz
Creator: Rui Graça
Local Evora , Portugal


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UFO seen on BBC Look North webcam

An unidentified flying Object (UFO) stopped last Wednesday morning the news of the British channel BBC. While the presenter Lorenzo Mila was the first news of the morning, a strange object fell at full speed on a screen that was behind the pivot.

The UFO appeared in the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle, England, and by proving the contrary, was captured live by the camera that transmitted signal from that location.

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The Fatima UFO Hypothesis

The Fatima UFO Hypothesis is a theory that the Miracle at Fatima was a UFO incident. Many UFO researchers including Jacques Vallee, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada have expressed the theory. Jacques Vallee first expressed it in the sixties. He believes that the typical responses to this incident for the most part fall into two different categories, the first the scientific response that the people must have mistaken a natural event for a miracle and that nothing important happened, the second the religious response in which this is a miracle and it should be accepted without question. In 1976 Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada began an in depth research project into the original newspaper articles and other documents and used this to develop their theory that the incident at Fatima may have been related to the UFO phenomena that began in the forties. Their work was first published in 1982 in "Extraterrestrial Intervention at Fatima: The Apparitions and the UFO Phenomenon." The incident began on May 13 1917 when three young children claimed to see a lady whom many assumed was the Virgin Mary. When reviewing the original text Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada found that Lucia Santos the eldest of the three didn't initially say it was our lady of Fatima but just "a small pretty lady". This lady allegedly told them to go to the same spot for six consecutive months. The next five months attracted a growing crowd to observe the event that rose from 40 to 50 people in May, to about 4,500 people in June, 18,000 in July 30,000 in August and 50,000 to 70,000 people in October. [2] Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada sorted through many different version of this event and concluded that in most cases the ones that were recorded the earliest were the most reliable. Whenever possible they also interviewed any surviving witnesses, however this didn't include Lucia Santos since they couldn't interview her without approval from the Vatican. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada didn't come to any final conclusions about what happened at Fatima due to insufficient information. They recommended more research in the academic community.
May 13th
Lúcia Santos (middle) with her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, 1917.

The event began on May 13th when three children claimed to see a vision at Cova da Iria. Jacinta age 7 told her mother "O, mother I saw our lady at Cova da Iria." Jacinta's father later responded "If the kids saw a woman dressed in white, who else could she be but Our Lady?" When Lucia Santos age 10 was asked about this by her mother she said "I never said it was our lady rather a small pretty lady. I even asked Jacinta and Francisco (age 9) to say nothing." and she goes on to say "She told me that we should continue to go there for six consecutive months, on the 13th of each month, and at the end of the time, she would tell us who she was and what she wanted of us." Lucia told Viscount of Montelo that the lady "seems to be about 15 years old." She compared the lady to a girl who was about 1.1 meters tall. Jacinta and Francisco were illiterate and subject to beliefs, often blind in nature, which they got from their father. The local priest would note that Manuel Marto their father was either "an over-believer, or otherwise, insane." Lucia didn't have much more education her mother was a devout Catholic who taught her the doctrine and read adequate passages of the scripture.

Phenomena testified to by eyewitnesses

During the investigation by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada they found several characteristics in the witness reports about the various sightings on the 13th of each month that are also often present in UFO reports and they conducted a detailed analysis of them. These characteristics allegedly witnessed by people at Fatima include the following:

* Lightning or a flash of light which was first seen by the three little girls on the 13th of May. They claimed that this wasn't accompanied by any thunder and it was on a sunny day.
* Buzzing of bees or something similar. Some UFO reports allegedly are also accompanied by a low hum. Many of the witnesses specifically referred to it as the buzzing of bees.
* Thunder allegedly accompanied some of the events at Fatima, when this happened on the 13th of August many of those gathered interpreted this as a sign from God that he was angry because the girls were being detained. Artur de Oliveira Santos, president and founder of a Masonic lodge and an anticlerical republican offered the children a ride to Cova da Iria but instead took the children to his house. It was later claimed that they were detained in a prison.
* Unusual clouds some of which seemed to hide an apparition.
* A sudden cooling reported by several witnesses.
* Unusual odors or perfumes.
* Luminous objects including disks orbs or a cross were reported at Fatima. These were first reported in August when Manuel Marto claimed to see "a type of luminous globe gyrating within the clouds." Joaquim Xavier Tuna gave this statement: "In august on the 13th day, I saw the sun come down in the sky at the hour of the apparition. It never descended quite as much as it did on that day, not even on the 13th of October. Every object which surrounded me turned yellow." In September the number of people claiming to see objects in the sky increased the witnesses included Joel de Deus Magno, Dr. Jose Maria Pereira Gens, Monsignor Joao Quaresma, Canon Galamba de Oliveira, Joaquim Xavier Tuna and more. The highest number of reports came in October when thousands of people claimed the sun was dancing and came down close to Earth.
* Ramps of light were reported to have shined on the Oak tree at Fatima.
* Breezes were reported in June and July, in August the thunder and lighting was allegedly accompanied by a "whirlwind" which frightened the crowd and caused them to flee.
* A white substance fall from the sky that has often been referred to as Angel hair. This usually dissolves quickly so there is rarely anything to examine. On two occasions a sample was sent for testing once on the 13 of October in 1917 a sample was sent to Lisbon and on October 17 1957 another sample found and examined. The analysis of this proved to be natural consisting of white flakes. When put under a microscope it was found to be a vegetable product not animal.

The Miracle of the Sun
Main article: The Miracle of the Sun

On October 13th 50,000 to 70,000 (some estimates were as low as 30,000 or as high as 100,000) people gathered at Cova da Iria to observe the alleged miracle. Someone counted over 100 cars and over 100 bicycles and there were more that lined the road. This included a diverse group of people including city people, Professors, farmers, house wives, atheists and Christians. the population of Portugal was about 72% illiterate at that time. Many of the witnesses claimed they saw a disc; others said it was the sun. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada believe that once a few people referred to it as the sun everyone else just followed suit, however there were a few that referred to it as an object other than the sun including three people that gave statements that were used for a statistical analysis of the witnesses. This analysis was done based on statements from 100 people. Due to the low sampling and the fact that they couldn't conduct follow up interviews this has a high margin of error. The object appeared to come down to the crowd well within the Earths atmosphere. This could also be seen from several surrounding towns in different directions including Alburitel, Minde, Aljustrel, Leira and Torres Novas. Most of the witnesses from these towns claimed they saw the object in the direction of Cova da Iria. Dr Joao Lopes Pires concluded that if this object moved it couldn't have been the sun since it would have affected the orbits of the planets and it would have been seen all over the world not just in Fatima. there were four or five people who insisted they saw nothing at all.
Conflicts in Lucia's testimony

Lucia testimony was often inconsistent, for example on October 19 she told the Viscount of Montelo that the Lady had claimed the war would end on this day. A letter written on 6/26/1947 to the reverend Jose Pedro da Silva said "I did not hear her say 'a war ends today' but did hear' if they shall do penance, a war will end." In 1941 she claimed there were predictions about WWII and about the premature deaths of Jacinta and Francisco of natural causes. This wasn't made public until the events had already occurred. In her memoirs she admitted that she considered absenting herself from the encounters out of fear that it could be the work of the devil.


The following people have written paper supporting the Fatima UFO hypothesis, however they don't necessarily agree on all the details. Most of these people have advocated further research in the academic community.

* Jacques Vallee Ph.D.
* Joaquim Fernandes Ph.D.
* Fina d'Armada, M.A.
* Raul Berenguel, M.S.
* Irene Blinston Ph.D. believes that the testimony of the adults are more credible due to their ability to describe their experiences with an expanded vocabulary
* Janet Elizabeth Colli, psychotherapist specializing in PTSD
* Ryan J. Cook, Assistant Professor
* Eric Davis Ph.D.
* Fernando Fernandes Ph.D.
* David M. Jacobs Ph.D. believes that caution should be used when investigating reports from children since they are prone to fill in memories when they don't remember; they are extremely suggestible; and they often wish to fill adult expectations. Therefore, their memories are unreliable.
* Auguste Meesen Ph.D. acknowledge that the hypothesis of extraterrestrial intervention may seem unrealistic to those unfamiliar with the dimensions of the UFO phenomenon, however he believes it deserves serious attention.
* Gilda Moura, psychotherapist
* Michael Persinger Ph.D. theorized that the stimulation of the cerebral-temporal lobe may have been the actual cause of the Marian apparition phenomenon. He believes the religious content of the experiences many have been a result of their obsession with religious themes and their lack of education.
* Vitor Rodrigues Ph.D.
* Mario Simoes Ph.D. believes that the apparitions of Fatima can be explained in terms of what anthropology, psychology and psychiatry tells us about trance states.

Other contributers

The following people have written paper about Fatima; however they don't necessarily advocate or refute the Fatima UFO hypothesis. These papers have appeared in peer reviewed journals.

* Scott Atran, director of research in anthropology at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris
* Frank McGillion, Doctorate in Medicine
* Stanley Kripner Ph.D.

Main article: The Miracle of the Sun#Critical evaluation of the event

Joe Nickell Ph.D., a skeptic and investigator of paranormal phenomena, claims that the position of the phenomenon, as described by the various witnesses, is at the wrong azimuth and elevation to have been the sun.[36] He suggests the cause may have been a sundog. Sometimes referred to as a perihelion or "mock sun", a sundog is a relatively common atmospheric optical phenomenon associated with the reflection/refraction of sunlight by the numerous small ice crystals that make up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. A sundog is, however, a stationary phenomenon, and would not explain the reported appearance of the "dancing sun". Nickell suggests an explanation for this and other similar phenomena may lie in temporary retinal distortion, caused by staring at the intense light and/or by the effect of darting the eyes to and fro so as to avoid completely fixed gazing (thus combining image, afterimage and movement). Nickell concludes that there was

likely a combination of factors, including optical and meteorological phenomena (the sun being seen through thin clouds, causing it to appear as a silver disc; an alteration in the density of the passing clouds, so that the sun would alternatively brighten and dim, thus appearing to advance and recede; dust or moisture droplets in the atmosphere, imparting a variety of colors to sunlight; and/or other phenomena).

Michael Shermer Ph.D. has described predictions that were not documented until after they came true as post diction. This means that they have no prophetic value since it can't be proved that the prediction was made ahead of time, therefore the predictions about the premature deaths of Francisco and Jacinta and the coming of WWII aren't legitimate prophecies. Both Michael Shermer and Joe Nickell have been consistently skeptical of UFOs and vague predictions that can be interpreted in many ways.

Note: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fatima_UFO_Hypothesis

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UFOS in Portugal Part 2

OVNI UFO Santarem Portugal

Several ufos in Portugal

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First Moon Landing 1969

The video of the very first moon landing of the apollo 11 mission in 1969! Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon with his now legenday words "One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind." This is a truly amazing video and it was in 1969!!! If you think about it, you have orders of magnitude more processing power in your mobile phone than they did in the whole space craft!! Incredible!

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UFO Prevents Meteor From Hitting Earth

UFO Prevents Meteor From Hitting Earth

Russian Scientist: UFO
Crashed Into Meteorite
to Save Earth

Did a UFO deliberately crash into a meteor to save Earth 100 years ago? That's what one Russian scientist is claiming.

Dr. Yuri Labvin, president of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, insists that an alien spacecraft sacrificed itself to prevent a gigantic meteor from slamming into the planet above Siberia on June 30, 1908.

The result was was the Tunguska event, a massive blast estimated at 15 megatons that downed 80 million trees over nearly 100 square miles. Eyewitnesses reported a bright light and a huge shock wave, but the area was so sparsely populated no one was killed.

Most scientists think the blast was caused by a meteorite exploding several miles above the surface. But Labvin thinks quartz slabs with strange markings found at the site are remnants of an alien control panel, which fell to the ground after the UFO slammed into the giant rock.

"We don't have any technologies that can print such kind of drawings on crystals," Labvin told the Macedonian International News Agency. "We also found ferrum silicate that can not be produced anywhere, except in space."


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Another dire warning for 2012

Michio Kaku, a somewhat regular on Coast to Coast A.M., especially duriing the Art Bell years, appears on Fox News, predicting a cataclysmic event coming in the year 2012. Go figure! Don't worry, though, he's not some religious nut. He's not a tin-foil-hat kind of guy. No, he's a highly respected theoretical physicist. Or in other words, he's another college professor that has all of the answers.

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A meteor (possibly two) and Milky way.

The current official definition of a meteoroid from the International Astronomical Union is "a solid object moving in interplanetary space, of a size considerably smaller than an asteroid and considerably larger than an atom."[1] The Royal Astronomical Society has proposed a new definition where a meteoroid is between 100 µm and 10 m across.[2] The NEO definition includes larger objects, up to 50 m in diameter, in this category. Very small meteoroids are known as micrometeoroids (see also interplanetary dust).

The composition of meteoroids can be determined as they pass through Earth's atmosphere from their trajectory and the light spectra of the resulting meteor. Their effects on radio signals also yield information, especially useful for daytime meteors which are otherwise very difficult to observe. From these trajectory measurements, meteoroids have been found to have many different orbits, some clustering in streams (see Meteor showers) often associated with a parent comet, others apparently sporadic. The light spectra, combined with trajectory and light curve measurements, have yielded various compositions and densities, ranging from fragile snowball-like objects with density about a quarter that of ice,[3] to nickel-iron rich dense rocks. A relatively small percentage of meteoroids hit the Earth's atmosphere and then pass out again: these are termed Earth-grazing fireballs. Millions of meteors occur in the Earth's atmosphere every day. Most meteoroids that cause meteors are about the size of a pebble. They become visible between about 40 and 75 miles (65 and 120 kilometers) above the earth. They disintegrate at altitudes of 30 to 60 miles (50 to 95 kilometers).

Meteoroids travel around the sun in a variety of orbits and at various velocities. The fastest ones move at about 26 miles per second (42 kilometers per second). The earth travels at about 18 miles per second (29 kilometers per second). Thus, when meteoroids meet the Earth's atmosphere head-on, the combined speed may reach about 44 miles per second (71 kilometers per second).

Comet 17P/Holmes and Geminid.

A meteor is the visible streak of light that occurs when a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere. Meteors typically occur in the mesosphere, and most range in altitude from 75 km to 100 km.

For bodies with a size scale larger than the atmospheric mean free path (10 cm to several metres)[clarification needed] the visibility is due to the air friction that heats the meteoroid so that it glows and creates a shining trail of gases and melted meteoroid particles. The gases include vaporized meteoroid material and atmospheric gases that heat up when the meteoroid passes through the atmosphere. Most meteors glow for about a second.

Meteors may occur in showers, which arise when the Earth passes through a trail of debris left by a comet, or as "random" or "sporadic" meteors, not associated with a specific single cause.


A fireball is a brighter-than-usual meteor. The International Astronomical Union defines a fireball as "a meteor brighter than any of the planets" (magnitude -4 or greater).[5] The International Meteor Organization (an amateur organization that studies meteors) has a more rigid definition. It defines a fireball as a meteor that would have a magnitude of -3 or brighter if seen at zenith. This definition corrects for the greater distance between an observer and a meteor near the horizon. For example, a meteor of magnitude -1 at 5 degrees above the horizon would be classified as a fireball because if the observer had been directly below the meteor it would have appeared as magnitude -6.

For the Swedish guided missile BOLIDE, see RBS 70.

The word bolide comes from the Greek βολις, (bolis) which can mean a missile or to flash. The IAU has no official definition of bolide and generally considers the term synonymous with fireball. The term is more often used among geologists than astronomers where it means a very large impactor. For example, the USGS uses the term to mean a generic large crater-forming projectile "to imply that we do not know the precise nature of the impacting body ... whether it is a rocky or metallic asteroid, or an icy comet, for example".[7] Astronomers tend to use the term to mean an exceptionally bright fireball, particularly one that explodes (sometimes called a detonating fireball).

Main article: meteorite

A meteorite is a portion of a meteoroid or asteroid that survives its passage through the atmosphere and impact with the ground without being destroyed.[8] Meteorites are sometimes, but not always, found in association with hypervelocity impact craters; during energetic collisions, the entire impactor may be vaporized, leaving no meteorites.

Main article: tektite
Two tektites.

Molten terrestrial material "splashed" from a meteorite impact crater can cool and solidify into an object known as a tektite. These are often mistaken for meteorites.

Meteoric dust

Most meteoroids are destroyed when they enter the atmosphere. The left-over debris is called meteoric dust or just meteor dust. Meteor dust particles can persist in the atmosphere for up to several months. These particles might affect climate, both by scattering electromagnetic radiation and by catalyzing chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere.

Ionization trails

During the entry of a meteoroid or asteroid into the upper atmosphere, an ionization trail is created, where the molecules in the upper atmosphere are ionized by the passage of the meteor. Such ionization trails can last up to 45 minutes at a time. Small, sand-grain sized meteoroids are entering the atmosphere constantly, essentially every few seconds in a given region,[clarification needed] and thus ionization trails can be found in the upper atmosphere more or less continuously. When radio waves are bounced off these trails, it is called meteor burst communications.

Meteor radars can measure atmospheric density and winds by measuring the decay rate and Doppler shift of a meteor trail.


Numerous people have over the years reported sounds being heard while bright meteors flared overhead. This would seem impossible, given the relatively slow speed of sound. Any sound generated by a meteor in the upper atmosphere, such as a sonic boom, should not be heard until many seconds after the meteor disappeared. However, in certain instances, for example during the Leonid meteor shower of 2001, several people reported sounds described as "crackling", "swishing", or "hissing"[10] occurring at the same instant as a meteor flare. Similar sounds have also been reported during intense displays of Earth's auroras.

Many investigators believe the sounds to be imaginary — essentially sound effects added by the mind to go along with a light show. However, the persistence and consistency of the reports have caused others to wonder. Sound recordings made under controlled conditions in Mongolia in 1998 by a team led by Slaven Garaj, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, support the contention that the sounds are real.

How these sounds could be generated, assuming they are in fact real, remains something of a mystery. It has been hypothesized that the turbulent ionized wake of a meteor interacts with the magnetic field of the Earth, generating pulses of radio waves. As the trail dissipates, megawatts of electromagnetic energy could be released, with a peak in the power spectrum at audio frequencies. Physical vibrations induced by the electromagnetic impulses would then be heard if they are powerful enough to make grasses, plants, eyeglass frames, and other conductive materials vibrate. This proposed mechanism, although proven to be plausible by laboratory work, remains unsupported by corresponding measurements in the field.


Meteoroids orbit around the Sun, in greatly differing orbits. Some orbit together in streams; these are probably comet remnants that would form a meteor shower. Debris from these trails may eventually be scattered into other orbits. Other meteoroids are not associated with any stream clustering (although there must also be meteoroids clustered in orbits which do not intersect the path of Earth or any other planet).

The fastest objects travel at roughly 42 kilometers per second (26 miles per second) through space in the vicinity of Earth's orbit. Together with the Earth's orbital motion of 29 km/s (18 miles per second), collision speeds can reach 71 km/s (44 miles per second) during head-on collisions. This would only occur if the meteor were in a retrograde orbit. Meteors have roughly a fifty percent chance of a daylight (or near daylight) collision with the Earth as the Earth orbits in the direction of roughly west at noon. Most meteors are, however, observed at night as low light conditions allow fainter meteors to be observed.

A number of specific meteors have been observed, largely by members of the public and largely by accident, but with enough detail that orbits of the incoming meteors or meteorites have been calculated. All of them came from orbits from the vicinity of the asteroid belt.

Notable meteors

Perhaps the best-known meteor/meteorite fall is the Peekskill Meteorite which was filmed on October 9, 1992 by at least 16 independent videographers.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the fireball entry of the Peekskill meteorite started over West Virginia at 23:48 UT (±1 min). The fireball, which traveled in a northeasterly direction had a pronounced greenish colour, and attained an estimated peak visual magnitude of -13. During a luminous flight time that exceeded 40 seconds the fireball covered a ground path of some 700 to 800 km.
One meteorite recovered at Peekskill, N.Y., for which the event and object gained its name, (at 41.28 deg. N, 81.92 deg. W) had a mass of 12.4 kg (27 lb) and was subsequently identified as an H6 monomict breccia meteorite.[18] The video record suggests that the Peekskill meteorite probably had several companions over a wide area especially in the harsh terrain in the vicinity of Peekskill.


Although shooting stars have been known since ancient times, they were not known to be an astronomical phenomenon until early in the 19th century. Prior to that, they were seen in the West as an atmospheric phenomenon, like lightning, and were not connected with strange stories of rocks falling from the sky. Thomas Jefferson wrote "I would more easily believe that (a) Yankee professor would lie than that stones would fall from heaven."[19] He was referring to Yale chemistry professor Benjamin Silliman' investigation of an 1807 meteorite that fell in Weston, Connecticut.[19] Silliman believed the meteor had a cosmic origin, but meteors did not attract much attention from astronomers until the spectacular meteor storm of November 1833.[20] People all across the Eastern US saw thousands of meteors, radiating from a single point in the sky. Astute observers noticed that the radiant, as the point is now called, moved with the stars, staying in the constellation Leo.

The astronomer Denison Olmsted made an extensive study of this storm, and concluded it had a cosmic origin. After reviewing historical records, Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers predicted its return in 1867, which drew the attention of other astronomers. Hubert A. Newton's more thorough historical work led to a refined prediction of 1866, which proved to be correct.[20] With Giovanni Schiaparelli's success in connecting the Leonids (as they are now called) with comet Tempel-Tuttle, the cosmic origin of meteors was now firmly established. Still, they remain an atmospheric phenomenon, and retain their name "meteor" from the Greek word for "atmospheric."

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Armageddon is a 1998 disaster/science fiction-action film about a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers who are sent by NASA to stop an Asteroid on a collision course with the Earth. It was directed by Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and released on Disney's Touchstone Pictures label. It stars Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Michael Clarke Duncan.

Armageddon arrived in theatres only two and a half months after a similar impact-based movie, Deep Impact, which starred Morgan Freeman. Astronomers described Deep Impact as being more scientifically accurate,[2] and it was better received by critics[3] [4], but Armageddon fared better at the box office.[5]

Due to a fire that destroyed the master print of the film, if Armageddon was scheduled to be released in Blu-Ray, it would have to be remastered.

After several meteoroids destroy the Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombard New York City, NASA discovers that an asteroid the size of Texas is on a direct collision course with Earth and will likely wipe out all life on the Earth and destroy the planet. It is not publicly revealed that it will hit the Earth within 18 days. The scientists at NASA devise a plan to activate a nuclear bomb at a precise point under the asteroid's surface which will split it in two and cause it to miss the Earth. NASA locates the best oil driller on the planet, Harry Stamper, to get advice. Harry and Grace (Liv Tyler), his daughter, are taken to NASA and Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton), the head of NASA, informs him of the situation. Harry immediately recognizes that he and his crew must accompany the astronauts on the mission to ensure the job is done properly. After Harry's crew is collected from across the country and NASA acquiesces to their demands, they are put through a training program and outfit a drilling rig with the proper equipment for the job.

When a meteorite strikes Shanghai, China, destroying the city and causing a tsunami, around 50,000 people die. At this point, the pending mission is revealed to the world. Two specially designed military shuttles, Freedom and Independence are launched simultaneously and shortly dock at a Russian space station (crewed by Lev Andropov) to refuel. AJ encounters a problem stopping the pumps after the ships tanks are full and the station explodes. The crews and Lev Andropov escape. The two shuttles perform a high G-force slingshot procedure around the Moon to land on the backside of the asteroid. However, as they enter the trailing debris of the asteroid, the Independence is struck and crash lands on the asteroid. The Freedom manages to land on the surface but misses the target landing zone. They land on an area of hard iron which will be difficult to drill through. The Freedom team try to drill but suffer several setbacks and losses due to the unexpected conditions. It is revealed that if the deadline is missed, Colonel Sharpe would activate the nuclear device on the surface. However, a surface explosion would not be sufficient to divert the asteroid from hitting the Earth. Harry is able to convince Colonel Sharpe to help them attempt to finish the job. During this time, another meteorite wipes out much of Paris, France.

All seems lost when their drilling machine is blasted off the asteroid by a gas vent, but the Freedom crew learns that the other team managed to survive the crash thanks to Lev Andropov and have driven the second drilling machine to the drilling site. Harry puts AJ in charge of finishing the drilling and they successfully drill to the necessary depth. The team lowers the bomb into the hole, but find that they can not detonate remotely after a rock storm damages the bomb's trigger, as well as killing one of the crew members. Truman tells the team that someone is going to have to stay behind to activate the bomb to destroy the asteroid. AJ is picked to detonate the bomb remotely after drawing straws, but Harry disables his air supply and takes his place. As the shuttle prepares to depart, Harry sends a final message to his daughter and gives his full support for her to marry AJ. Harry manages to activate the bomb moments before the critical deadline, and the asteroid halves successfully miss the Earth. The remaining crew of the Freedom return to Earth as heroes, AJ reuniting tearfully with Grace while the others are met by their loved ones. Grace and AJ soon marry, while Harry and their lost crew members are memorialized.


* William Fichtner- Colonel Willie Sharp: Pilot of shuttle Freedom.
* Jessica Steen- Jennifer Watts: Co-pilot of shuttle Freedom.
* Grayson McCouch- Gruber: Munitions specialist of shuttle Freedom, killed during rock storm when his helmet's face-plate is smashed open.
* Bruce Willis- Harry Stamper: Protagonist and leader of shuttle Freedom drill team, killed when he stays back to detonate the bomb in order to destroy the asteroid.
* Will Patton- Charles Chapple (Chick): Harry's best friend and drill team member of shuttle Freedom.
* Ken Hudson Campbell- Max Lennert: Operator of the armadillo, killed when during drilling a gas pocket is released sending the armadillo into outer space with Max inside.
* Steve Buscemi- Rockhound: Geologist of shuttle Freedom.


* Marshall Teague- Colonel Davis: Pilot of shuttle Independence, killed when window of shuttle is broken by space debris and is sucked out of the cockpit.
* Anthony Guidera- Tucker: Co-pilot of shuttle Independence, also killed when window of shuttle breaks.
* Greg Collins- Lt. Halsey: Munitions specialist of shuttle Independence, killed during crash of Independence.
* Ben Affleck- A.J. Frost: leader of shuttle Independence drill team and Grace's love interest.
* Clark Heathcliffe Brolly- Freddy Noonan: member of shuttle Independence drill team, killed during the crash of the Independence.
* Michael Clarke Duncan- Jayotis "Bear" Kurleenbear: Operator of the armadillo for shuttle Independence.
* Owen Wilson- Oscar Choice: Geologist of shuttle Independence, killed during Independence crash due to space debris breaking his visor and striking his face.
* Peter Stormare- Lev Andropov: Russian Cosmonaut who joined the Independence crew after the Russian space station exploded.

NOTE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armageddon_(1998_film)
Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

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Ghost girl

Ghost girl

Genuine audio, video and photos of ghost and spirits
"You Are About to Discover the Best Kept Secrets of Psychics & Paranormal Investigators!"
Amazing Secrets of a Paranormal Investigator.
Most Haunted Secrets Revealed.


Some of the videos in here are fake and some i cant explain. So i hope you BELIEVE

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Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged on Ufo's

Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged on Ufo's
If you like this film, please buy the DVD. Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings. Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda. DAN AYKROYD UNPLUGGED ON UFOS features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper and others, including former president Ronald Reagan. Note: Dan has the photo and video material of the famous O'hare sighting in his possesion. This features will be presented is his new documentary.«

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carl Sagan on UFOs

Carl Sagan on UFOs

Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs - on CNN Anderson Cooper

Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs - on CNN Anderson Cooper
CNN with Anderson Cooper - On Friday June 9, 2006: Dan Aykroyd talks about his new documentary focusing on his belief that some UFOs originate from extraterrestrial intelligence. "Dan Aykroyd, Uplugged." is his new DVD.

Ufo in Belgium chased by air force F16's

Ufo in Belgium chased by air force F16's

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Most Amazing Ghost Proof Croxteth Hall

Has CCTV pictured the ghost of a past Earl of Sefton at Croxteth Hall?
Apr 7 2009 by Marc Waddington, Liverpool Echo

GHOSTLY goings-on at Croxteth Hall are being investigated by city bosses.

They have been left spooked by CCTV footage which appears to have captured an apparition making its way through the grounds.

Experts drafted in to view the footage say they are stumped by the image of the ghoulish figure, which can be seen bathed in a luminous white glow.

They say the short clip could prove to be some of the most important evidence of paranormal sightings ever unearthed.

City bosses investigating the sighting say there is a possibility it could be the ghost of the 7th Earl of Sefton, Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, who lived at the hall until he died, childless, in 1972.

Another contender is the 2nd Earl of Sefton, William Philip Molyneux, a prolific gambler and friend of the Prince Regent.

He laid the foundation stone for Aintree Racecourse, under which he placed a cask of sovereign coins, in 1829.

Local legend has it he stalks the grounds of the hall around Grand National time.
Former Most Haunted ghost hunter and TV presenter Jason Karl has been drafted in to examine the footage.

He said: This is very intriguing. Video footage of phantoms is very rare and if this stands up to scrutiny it could be a very important piece of spectral evidence for the worldwide community of paranormal enthusiasts.

Council environment portfolio holder Cllr Berni Turner said she was keeping an open mind about the footage.

She added: Im a huge believer in the paranormal and think this footage is really interesting.

Its great to think that we may have ghosts walking around these beautiful grounds.

Generations of the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton, lived at Croxteth Hall from the sixteenth century.

It was bequeathed to the City of Liverpool by the 7th and last Earl of Sefton, Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, and his wife, née Josephine Gwynne, who was the last member of the Molyneux family to live at Croxteth and died in 1980.

See story at :http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpoo l-news/local-news/2009/04/07/has-cctv-pi ctured-the-ghost-of-a-past-earl-of-sefto n-at-croxteth-hall-100252-23329472/2/

The Top Ten Best Video Clips From Ghost Hunters TAPS

The Top Ten Best Video Clips From Ghost Hunters TAPS
The ten best video clips that show the existence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon filmed by TAPS up to the end of 2007.

-Just so everyone knows....number 7 has not been proven fake, some of you guys are thinking of the queen mary episode where someone staged it.

Ufo Pics travis side

Ufo Pics travis side

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ufos (ovnis) in Portugal

Oculto Teresa Guilherme Parte 1

Oculto Teresa Guilherme Parte 2

Do Outro Mundo - André Maia relata fenómenos inexplicáveis

Link's: http://www.apovni.org/

Thursday, March 26, 2009

iGoogle Gaming Themes

iGoogle Gaming Themes

2009-Mystery surrounds an unidentified flying object spotted in the skies above Telford.

2009-Mystery surrounds an unidentified flying object spotted in the skies above Telford. Reader Robson Bolam sent us these pictures of a mystery object which he saw over Donnington. And he is at a loss as to explaining what it is he photographed. But Mr. Bolam is not the only person puzzling over something they have seen in the sky.

Mark Young, from Telford, told the Shropshire Star he noticed six or seven red and green lights above Clive Barracks at Tern Hill, near Market Drayton, as he drove along the A53 towards Market Drayton yesterday. He said he saw the lights at about 7pm and again an hour later when he returned.

Phil Hoyle, a member of the UFO Investigations and Research Unit based in Shrewsbury, said Donnington was one of the country’s top hot spots for sightings, and added: “This sounds like a definite sighting of a UFO.” source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/telford.html

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2005-Louisiana-My co-worker’s 13-year old son was in his back yard in Westwego, LA

2005-Louisiana-My co-worker’s 13-year old son was in his back yard in Westwego, LA, taking a picture of the sunset on 04 Mar 05. When he downloaded his pictures to his computer he noticed a spot in the top center of the photo. When you enlarge the area you see a triangle with lights on each tip (second photo). If you look even closer, you can see a black dot to the right and above the triangle (close-up of this in third photo). Westwego is directly across the Mississippi River form New Orleans. This, another rare photo of a triangle.

NASA UFO in UV on STS-75

NASA UFO in UV on STS-75

The special all spectrum camera (TOP) shows 1 solo UFO,and they follow it as it flies out to space!

Kepler Launch

Kepler Launch

The Kepler telescope launched aboard a Delta II rocket on March 7th, 2009 at 3:49am UTC.

The Kepler Mission will use a space photometer developed by NASA to search for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. It will observe the brightness of over 100,000 stars over 3.5 years to detect periodic transits of a star by its planets (the transit method). The mission is named in honor of Johannes Kepler.

Kepler is a mission under NASA's Discovery Program of low-cost, focused science missions. NASA's Ames Research Center is the home organization of the science principal investigator and is responsible for the ground system development, mission operations and science data analysis. Kepler mission development is managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. is responsible for developing the Kepler flight system.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

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