Wednesday, January 18, 2012

asian boy violently attacked by seven cowards.

Seven cowardly attack a Chinese boy in the back of a school in Chicago. The attackers have been identified and will do all possible to be caught and punished. Disclose this video!,0,5036908.story
All of them have cleared your Facebook account and tried to remove the video from youtube.
tweet this video to @foxchicago and @Chicago_Police

WESLEY WU - gray sweater, black mask. Main striker.
Easley WU - Jacket with collar and pants by adidas blue stripe.
Raymond Palomino - stupid boy unmasked
TODD ​​RAMOS - gray and black sweater.
JOHNNY LI - Blue Sweater
DANNY HUI - All dressed in black

What are caught and arrested!
They'll have what they deserve.

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