Sunday, May 25, 2008

Câmera de Segurança Filma um "Alien Abduction"?

Este vídeo em destaque o programa de televisão "Paranormal Borderline 'hospedado pelo Johnathan Frakes e aparece para mostrar aquilo que algumas pessoas estão dizendo ser" prova de abdução alienígena ".

"It is a security video from what appears to be a store. The time is 11.16pm and a worker is seemingly closing up the place for the night. However, when he opens the back gate and walks outside there is an instant, blinding flash right where he is standing and then all of the security cameras are temporarily knocked out, soon resuming their function. They then run for another 1 hour 50 minutes until 1.06am when there is another blinding white flash and all the cameras again get knocked out. When they resume function the aforementioned worker can be seen lying in a foetal position nearby to where he disappeared. He then leans up, vomits, then staggers off disorientated."

"There is no way of knowing for sure what is happening in this video, however, the possibility that it could be an abduction cannot be ruled out. There is a possibility that the man may have accidentally wandered into a downed powerline and knocked himself unconscious. Maybe it could be an elaborate hoax?"

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